After performing an energy audit at the customer’s plant, Albini Energia identified the installation of a heat recovery system as an area for improvement. This uses a heat exchanger to maximise use of the heat energy in the batch dyeing machine wastewater.
The hot wastewater from the machines is collected in a tank and then pumped towards the heat exchanger which preheats the clean water needed for production.
The recovery system heats 70,000 L/hour of softened clean water that feeds the dyeing machines from 15°C to 35°C with a similar amount of water coming from the wastewater tank that reduce its temperature from 45°C to 25°C.
The cost benefit obtained amounts to €32,000/year and the payback time for the investment is 8 years.
Albini Energia worked step by step with the customer by developing the project, installing the machine, developing the automation system and handling the procedure required to obtain 296 EECs/year.