Automation systems and process control

Albini Energia is able to engineer an automation system totally tailor made in order to control production or plant processes.

The automation provided can include both process control (PLC) and supervision (SCADA).

The systems offered are designed to guarantee simplicity of use and costumer autonomy; the costumer can monitor and graph several variables inside the process, as well as change the settings in an extremely intuitive manner.

The system can be set to send automatically emails, text messages or calls where anomalous behaviour is detected, to ensure quick intervention on the problem.


Below are some examples of previous SCADA reports from some of Albini Energia’s Customers.


The colours provide an indication of the working state of single elements controlled by automation (pumps, valves, etc.). The water tank level can be deducted from the netting extension. By moving the cursor, the user goes further into detail and sees the value of the variables through relative pop-ups. 


Client: T.I.B.A. Srl

Subject: Water extraction, treatment and storage synoptic


Client: T.I.B.A. Srl

Subject: Softening settings POP UP

Client: T.I.B.A. Srl

Subject: Pressurisation station settings POP UP



Client: Brebbia, Cotonificio Albini SpA

Subject: Waste water purification synoptic



Client: Brebbia, Cotonificio Albini SpA

Subject: Chemical storage summary