Energy audits

Energy Audits

Searching for continuous improvement

Any company can reduce their electric and thermal energy consumption and manage it more efficiently in their plants: discover how with an Energy Audit that also includes an investment payback analysis.

In accordance with European directive 2012/27/UE, transposed in the Italian law by the Legislative Decree no. 102 of 4th July 2014, the large industries must perform at least an energy diagnosis before 5th December 2015 and every next 4 years.


In accordance with current legal requirements, Albini Energia offers energy audits with the following characteristics:

• They are based on operational data collected, measured energy consumption, and load profiles.

• They include a detailed examination of each building’s energy consumption profile, an industrial activity survey and a plants review.

• They propose to the Customers an investment analysis based on the whole plant life cycle (not just on the depreciation period) in order to consider long term savings, residual value of investments and tax discounts.

• They are representative of the analysed situation and they guarantee a realistic representation of the global energy performance, identifying the most important opportunities for improvement.