Albini Energia aims to be a trustworthy partner to develop a close working relationship to reach a single unique goal: to reduce primary energy use, electrical and thermal.

Thanks to this tangible experience gained within the plants of the Group, Albini Energia has developed important skills that can be offered to the market in the form of energy consulting:

•  Energy audits;

Engineering design and construction of plants with the integration of the solutions that guarantee the energy efficiency.

The planning phase includes the analysis of the Client’s energy needs and the identification of potential areas for improvement through a complete audit that integrates the production lines and the energy requirements of the buildings. 


The result of this analysis is an investment plan, submitted to the Client, that includes a list of the incentives/tax relief available, as well as the technical solution and the economic analysis.

Albini Energia is a full partner, able to take care of everything: bureaucratic procedures and authorisations, full engineering and construction.