The company offers customers a heat exchanger that allows for the recovery of heat from waste water from industrial discharges from continuous lines, multi-lines and batch machines, slashing thermal energy costs to zero and achieving a payback time of between 8 and 14 months, in part due to the added advantage of being able to access the Energy Efficiency Credit incentive mechanism.

The exchanger boasts constant efficacy levels of more than 85%, thanks to a patented automatic cleaning system which removes impurities from waste water.

Albini Energia allows each customer to experience the full potential of the heat recovery system, with a free trial.

The heat exchanger is installed on the customer's machinery for a sufficient period of time to allow for a proper assessment of the advantages the system offers; thanks to the automation system, which includes both process control (PLC) and supervision of the system (SCADA), the customer can monitor the operation of the heat exchanger at any given moment, personally verifying the results achieved in terms of economic and energy savings.

Compared to the ordinary heat recovery systems available on the market, the tube bundle structure of the Albini Energia exchangers and the pressure of the flows in and out guarantee increased efficacy, lower maintenance costs and faster returns on investment.

Each heat exchanger is designed and constructed in accordance with the specific requirements of each customer, through the dimensioning of the heat exchange surface and the adjustment of the type of module that compose the system.

Albini Energia technicians evaluate the characteristics of each system and design optimal tailored solutions, in order toe ensure that our customers enjoy the best possible savings. 



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