Multi-line exchanger

Multi-line and batch machine self-cleaning heat exchangers 

Albini Energia patented an industrial invention called “Heat recovery system for industrial machines, engineered for textile manufacturers”.

In the textile industry, there are not available thermal recovery systems for more than one machine simultaneously. To operate machines continuously, it is necessary to install a separate heat exchanger on every single machine with commensurate costs and this limits the ROI if the machine is only used partially.

That’s what happens mainly today, in a market that requires maximum production flexibility and the reduction of minimum orders, where a lot of machines are being used for a reduced amount of time.

Albini Energia has engineered an innovative management system for the self-cleaning heat exchanger, that serves continuous multi-line and batch machines where water loading and water discharge are not contemporaneous.

This system requires the installation of:

• Temperature probes on all machines water loading and discharge lines;

• Deviation valves on all the discharge lines;

• Mixing valves on all the water loading lines;

• Waste water tank;

• Thermo-isolated tank  for pre-heated clean water;

• Pumping stations fed by an inverter.

Download the heat exchanger leaflet, clicking here.