Heat exchanger

Self-cleaning heat exchanger for continuous operations

Albini Energia patented an heat exchanger equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system capable of removing impurities from waste water.

In the textile industry, heat recovery from continuous operations (washing, mercerising and bleaching) is not always possible due to the impurities in the waste water.

The heat exchanger is designed to guarantee an efficiency ratio up to 85%, and it is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system able to remove deposits in order to keep the efficiency ratio as high as possible all the time. 

To improve the efficiency of the cleaning cycle, a low-pressure steam valve has been inserted to increase the solution temperature and improve cleaning performances.

The system detects any inactivity frame in the production line and automatically activates the circulation of the acidic solution, in order to guarantee an excellent exchange performance.

The sedimentation of impurities is reduced by a suitably measured heat exchanger that guarantees, in ordinary conditions of use, a flow-speed that impedes such sedimentation.

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The heat exchanger is equipped with:

• An hot waste water tank;

• An electric pump (fed by an inverter) that pushes waste water to the heat exchanger with a continuous flow in order to optimise performances;

• A tank containing a disencrusting acid with a metering pump integrated;

• Valves that operate the recirculation of the acidic solution during the self-cleaning cycle;

• An electric switchboard with the appropriate software.

The measure of the exchange surface is developed according to the specific needs of the Client, increasing and/or changing the type of modules that make up the machine.

A nine modules heat exchanger is suitable between 7 and 12 m3/hour while a heat exchanger of twelve modules is suitable between 12 and 18 m3/hour.

A waste water tank.

A screenshot of the management software.