Energy Performance Contract

When benefit becomes reciprocal


Albini Energia, as an Energy Service Company that works to reach UNI ECI 11352: 2014 certification, offers an “EPC Energy Perfomance Contract” service.


The EPC Energy Performance Contract is advantageous for both parties:


• The Customer is able to re-qualify its own plant, increasing efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint, without taking on any technical and economic risks. 

• Albini Energia finances the investment wholly through energy saving obtained through the re-qualification operation.


In order to draw up an Energy Performance Contract, Albini Energia carries out an energy audit at the Client’s facility, analysing costs and consumption carefully so as to identify possible improvements that can be made.

Once the best actions have been identified, Albini Energia draws up a contract that includes a consumption measurement protocol, a saving sharing percentage and a save value for the plant at the end of the contract.

Once all these aspects are agreed, the operation can be carried out, and the results monitored.