Case Histories

Thermal plant revision

At the Brebbia facility (Cotonificio Albini SpA) there were two 10 tonne/hour thermal oil evaporators. 


Having assisted the Client in the identification and realisation of a number of energy saving actions, Albini Energia proposed a reduction of power from the thermal plant and elimination of the thermal oil, and its replacement with a hot smoke boiler with economiser to heat up the feed water.


The advantages for the Client can be seen in the elimination of electric commitment for the pumps (necessary to push the oil from boiler to evaporator) and in the increase of thermal yield from 85% to 95%.


Given an initial capital outlay of around € 250,000, the Client benefitted from a financial saving (calculated as the sum of the best yield from vapour generation and electrical saving) of around € 120,000/year. The whole operation was incentivised with White Certificates, and produced an 300 EEC annually.