Case Histories

Installation of self-cleaning heat exchanger for continuous operation

Following an audit at the TIBA Srl plant in Cologno al Serio (BG), Albini Energia identified the need for a self-cleaning heat exchanger on the washing production line as an area of improvement.


The waste water from the hot tanks are pumped to the heat exchanger through a little tank.

The recovery system heats 6,000 lt/hour of clean, softened water from 5°C to 70°C, with an equal amount of water coming out of the machine that decrease its temperature from 80°C to 25°C (equal to 384kW average); the 70°C water feeds the machine itself. 

The hot water produced from the heat recovery, replaces the hot water produced from steam coming from the thermal power station.


The economic benefit gained by the Client (calculated as the sum of methane saved and consequent value of the EEC) is such as to enable an investment pay-back time of around 1.5 years. Albini Energia supplied the heat exchanger as well as the initial consultant, and dealt with the procedure to gain the EEC.