Case Histories

Heat recovery from compressors

Following an audit at the Niggeler & Kupfer Textile SpA facility in Ceto (BS), Albini Energia identified the need to install an oil/water heat exchanger on the air compressors, to produce thermal energy for the heating circuit and hot clean water production of the facility, as an alternative to the previous methane gas boiler.


In every hour of operation, the recovery system heats around 6,000 lt/hour to between 25°C (at maximum thermal requirements) and 5°C (during the summer); naturally the system presents a different performance dependant on the season, so during the summer the thermal requirement of the facility is limited to just the hot clean water.


The economic benefit gained by the Client (calculated as the sum of methane saved and consequent value of the TEE) is such as to allow an investment payback time of around 3 years.