Case Histories

Batch line heat exchanger

After an audit in Tintogroup Srl factory (based in Prato), Albini Energia identified the installation of a thermal recovery system as an area of improvement that allowed them to gain value from the thermal energy from the batch dyeing machine’s waste water, via the heat exchanger.


The hot waste water from machines is collected in a tank from which it is pumped towards the heat exchanger that allows the clean water preheating necessary for the production.


The recovery system heats 70,000 lt/hour of softened clean water that feeds dyeing machines from  15°C to 35°C with a similar amount of water coming from the waste water tank that reduce its temperature from 45°C to 25°C (equal to 1,600 kW average).


The economic benefit gained by the Client (calculated as the sum of methane saved and consequent value of the EEC) is such as to enable an investment pay-back time of around 3 years. Albini Energia supplied the heat exchanger and automation system, as well as the initial consulting, and dealt with the procedure to gain the EEC.